Photo Manipulation - The Taming of South Holston River

To prevent flooding and to produce electricity, the South fork of the Holston River, which cut past little homes and farms in Sullivan County, Tennessee, landed on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s to-be-tamed list by 1941. Work began on a giant dam in 1942. The Taming of Holston River is a photo-realistic depiction of Sullivan County’s Friendship community school site swallowed by water as the reservoir was completed in 1950. This creative art piece is filled with little clues, hinting at the region and nature of the community’s people. The fiddle in the foreground, and more surprisingly, the mountain silhouette of a guitar, embody the musical heritage Sullivan County's Bristol is known for.

This image ranked in the Top 30 Class, ahead of 33,953 images in ViewBug's Image of the Month Photo Contest Vol 5. 
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